Larry Meeker and I have fond memories of the R90S motorcycle. I thought it was about the coolest-looking motorcycle ever when it came out, and still appreciate the beauty of the machine. This era flourished with innovations in engineering, design and style. I also loved the look of the Suzuki GS1000S with the blue/white paint and similar quarter-fairing (copy of the R90S?). Then Honda came out with the CB750F in the original SOHC design, and later with the CB750Fand 900F using the 4-valve engine. Then the Suzuki GS1100E. But I digress…

Larry and I found several videos for you to review and relive great memories with the R90S.

One man’s R90S with 240,000 miles on it (not racing miles)

Forty Years of BMW R90S- All-Time Classic and Iconic Motorcycles

The R90S Was the BMW No One Expected—and It Saved the Company! (Robert Lutz!)

BMW R90S history