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Countdown to the Rally
Countdown to the Rally

2024 Winter Rally Update !!!

We are excited to announce the 2024 Winter Rally Registration is now open ! ! !

January 11th – 14th, 2024

Camp Weed, Live Oak, FL


Off Road Skills Training by BMW U. S. Rider Academy co-funded by BMW MOA Foundation

Seminars and Vendors

Led and self guided Day Rides

Bonfire / Camping (Tents and RV)

Dinners, T-Shirts and Door Prizes

Register at

11057 Camp Weed PL, Live Oak FL 32060


REGISTER NOW (click below)

Winter Rally Registration

2024 Winter Rally Vendors and Sponsors

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Welcome Members
Welcome Members
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Dear Members:


We had a great turn out for the Naval Aviation Museum and Blue Angels practice day.  Despite being an overnight, mid-week event we had 17 members and friends in attendance.


Our group met at the hotel and made our way to the Bavaria Pensacola Restaurant for a “taste of Bavaria” dinner.  We had great service from the young man who single-handedly took care of our group.


We had been briefed by our intrepid “advance party of One, Shep Brown and another museum docent to arrive early for the Blue Angels practice.


We left the hotel at 7:45AM and made our way to the waiting area of Naval Air Station Pensacola.


After entry we assembled at the re-work facility and were met by Mike Allen, Directory of the facility.

Mr. Allen then led us on a tour, explaining the restoration process.


As an example of the time required to restore an aircraft Mr. Allen used the F4U Corsair, pictured below as an example.


This corsair was pulled from Lake Michigan after 60+ years.  It has been under restoration for over 18 years. 

Restoration is a time consuming and expensive process.

Next we assembled to see the Blue Angels perform a “flat” or “Low” show.  A scud layer of clouds prevented any high “over the top” maneuvers.


Regardless, the Blues put on an excellent show.  At the conclusion of the practice session attendees were encouraged to tour the Naval Aviation Museum.


A special note of thanks goes out to Shep Brown.  Shep arranged the excellent restaurant, procured preferred parking and arranged front row VIP seating for the Blue Angel practice viewing.  Great Job Shep!!


Thanks to all who attended.  We’ll return in a couple of years and do it all again.


Ride Safely



4th Quarter Socal Dinner


Dear Members and Friends of BMWNEF:


It has been a very busy week for our friends and members of BMWNEF.


This past Saturday evening was our final Social Dinner of the year.  24 members were on hand at The Salt Life Restaurant, Fernandina Beach for dinner and viewing the “Hunter’s Full Moon” rise.  The beautiful moon and later in the evening Jupiter was just below the big bright full moon.


Our service was good and food, as has been the case at Salt Life, was excellent.


Your executive Committee will be planning Social Dinners for 2024 in the very near future.  The EC is always open for suggestions from the membership.  If you have a favorite place in mind, speak to one of the EC members and we’ll do our best to get it on the schedule.  We attempt to select restaurants around the cardinal compass points to make it convenient for all members to attend.


On a final note, below is a thank you card from the BMWMOA Foundation.

BMWNEF supports the MOA Foundation and its Safe Miles Program.


Your support of BMWNEF’s Winter Rally allows us to donated needed funds to the Foundation in their rider education programs.


(If able insert thank you card here)


Ride safely


Summer Solstice Ride

June 21st

video by John Brueggemann


Doswell, Virginia

video by John Brueggemann

Start your kids out early

Mom will be glad they're out of the house

video by John Brueggemann

Airhead Tech Day

Keep them Flying

video by John Brueggemann


BMW MOA Rally Trip

Video Courtesy of John Brueggemann

BMWNEF Hookie Ride

Video Courtesy of John Brueggemann

For all you K Riders out there...