2017 One Million Mile Odometer Challenge

We almost made 1 million miles for 2015.   We reached over 800K miles!  Now that we have a system that works for recording your miles, we should have no problem reaching our goal for 2017!  Please send your starting odometer for 2016 and send an update each month or quarter.   We will update the incoming miles each month and show off who are the top three riders for both male and females.  At the end of the year, we will celebrate the total and congratulate the dedicated contributors. Please use the Report Mileage button on the home page or send them to Vicki Decker. You may report mileage for more than one motorcycle.

Top Riders (Male)

1st Man - Philip Mule' 000,000
2nd Man - William Wood 000,000
3rd Man - Bernhard Echt 000,000

Top Riders (Female)

1st Woman - Dorothy Gulla 000,000
2nd Woman - 000,000
3rd Woman - 000,000

Club Total

Number of Participants: 17
These numbers are based upon ongoing mileage updates from participants