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HomeWinter Rally Garage Sale Instructions


Please read carefully!

  1. Print your name in the upper right corner of a provided blank envelope.
  2. Please fill in the Garage Sale Form with your name, your contact number at the rally, description, with brand/color/proper (US) size and price for each of your items.
    *Each numbered line will have a matching numbered tag.*
  3. On your numbered string tags, attached to your items, put your name, contact number, item description and price. See Below. For items unable to have string tags attached, we will provide stickers for the information.
  4. Please Pick Up ALL your Unsold Items by Saturday at 5pm. If it is not possible to get all your items picked up on Saturday, you must make arrangements for someone to get your items for you.

** BMWNEF will no longer store unsold items during the year. All items not picked up or with no arrangements made to be picked up, will be donated or sold for the benefit of the club. **

No oversize items (luggage sets, fairings, etc.) this year. Sorry, no room.

P.O. Box 9857
Fleming Island, FL 32006-0035