BMWNEF member Angelo Patucca was a Bronze finisher in the 2019 Iron Butt Rally. Angelo completed over 9,000 miles in the 11-day rally, and was the 7th most efficient rider. Angelo shared several stories, including his ride to a checkpoint on the top of a mountain and back. Twenty minutes after he left, the area was covered with rain and sleet, making it impassable for a motorcycle.

In contrast, winner Wendy Crockett covered over 13,000 miles in the 11-day event. She finished with over 10,000 points over second place, which is an unprecedented winning margin. She even changed her own tire on her motorcycle!

Angelo used a Garmin Diesel GPS as well as the BMW GPS for navigation. He also used Waze and Google Maps, which were very effective when phone service was available.

Angelo thanks BMW of Jacksonville for helping prep his motorcycle, and Foothills BMW in Denver for their help.