Hello fellow BMW Rider!
My name is Paul Ruffell,  and I am contacting you since I have been given the task of recruiting volunteers for the 2019 MOA’s BMW Lebanon Rally in Tennessee.  You are being approached as it is possible that some of your members may be attending the National Rally (June 13th- June 16th).
Since the rally will require approximately 1,500 volunteers, I am looking for help, suggesting that MOA Charter Clubs might be willing as clubs (or individuals), to lend a hand.
I am hoping that some clubs, might be able to take over a complete shift for various committees. The Beer Garden, the 50/50 Charity, the MOA Gear Store, Security, to name a few, all require a good number of helpers per shift to keep the rally operating. If you have club shirts, or club hats that advertise your club, that would be an excellent way to promote your group.
Although some committees mentioned above require large numbers of volunteers, others often only need two or three people to complete a shift. Every volunteer assignment, no matter the number of volunteers involved, is vital to the success of the MOA Rally.
The Rally also needs a group of volunteers committed in advance to helping, especially on the Thursday. These members could arrive on the Wednesday and register that afternoon. It would be very much appreciated if some of your  members would be able to help open the Rally on Thursday.
I am asking you to share this request with your club members by forwarding this email and the attachment with our needs to your membership so that they might volunteer either as a group or as individuals, working a shift for one of our committees. As well, please bring up the topic of club volunteering at your monthly meetings.
If you or your club are able to assist at the MOA’s Lebanon Rally, please contact the appropriate committee chair found on the attachment (or me).
Thank you.

Paul F. Ruffell   (MOA #119204)

2019 Lebanon Volunteers’ Committee Chair
Click on the link below to see volunteer positions.