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Shop Rag: 2019 Iron Butt Rally Concluded. Wendy Crockett Wins!

The 2019 Iron Butt Rally concluded Friday AM in Greenville, SC.

Wendy Crockett has placed in the top 5 in the past, but this year cleaned the clocks of the competition.   Just under 13000 miles and wins the rally.
Normally the first 5 places are separated by a few 100 points.   Wendy
beat the 2nd place rider by about 11000 points.   Too soon to figure out exactly what she did, etc., but attached is her spotwalla (spot) track for the 11 day rally.    A truly epic ride.
Last I heard she and her family live in the Sturgis, SD area and she is a tech for the BMW store.
At least 4 riders went to Homer, AK and made it back on time.   As usual, most popular brand was BMW and also, sadly, some had some “issues”.

Excellent Podcast about Long Distance Riding recommended by Larry Meeker

Larry says: Excellent podcast about LD riding that any motorcyclist should find interesting.    Only 39 minutes and very well entertaining.
And, Quoted by Cliff Wall:
“Recently I had the pleasure of recording a podcast for Long Riders Radio regarding the origins of the Senior Butt Rally.  It also contains a little info on one of my other favorite long riding passions, The George A. Wyman Memorial Project.

Hit the link below to take a listen if you have time.  Hope you enjoy.”

Cliff Wall
IBA # 459

Mid-Month Ride Report for May 18th, by Tom Brown

The following is a Mid-Month Ride Report from Tom Brown, Ride Organizer and Leader, from Saturday, May 18th, 2019.
Hello, our ride to River Ratz on May 18th started on time at Weedmans in Orangedale ,there were only 3 of us: Bruce ,Scott (new Member) and myself. We made our way through the countryside of Florida, on some fun back roads. We stopped for a break at CR314-A and St.Rd.40. This was about midway through the ride about 1030 am. We pit stopped and hydrated in preparation for the final leg of the journey. We proceeded on and finally made it to the very cool Istachatta Road (Man Snake) off of SR48 ,rode it to CR476 and finished up at River Ratz, in Nobleton, Fl. We had lunch, listened to some live music, and got to know Scott a little more (Welcome to the Club, Scott). I was also was fortunate to meet up and visit with my Aunt and Uncle who live in the area.
Tom Brown

BMWNEF President’s Letter

I would like to take this opportunity to give recognition and our sincere gratitude to Philos Enterprises, Inc for their generous donation ($20,000) to K9 For Warriors. Making the donation on behalf of Philos Enterprises, Inc. was James Quinn and receiving on behalf of K9 For Warriors was Riding Into History chairman Bill Peterson. These wonderful organizations go to great lengths to help our service members. It is through their hard work, support and donations to the K9 For Warriors program that many service members are able to get the help, support and training they need. I want to thank each and every member of these wonderful organizations, including our own BMWNEF members, for making life easier for these service members. God Bless each and everyone of you, and all our service members.

As many of you are reading this you will be packing, making last minute updates, going through your check lists, or whatever other ritual you might have, to get ready for our 36th Annual Winter Rally. To Bill Botkin, our Rally Committee, the countless volunteers and many supporters, I cannot thank you enough for putting this amazing event together. Ladies and gentlemen, you are awesome!

Many thanks to all those motorcycle enthusiasts who have registered for our Winter Rally. I hope you will have a wonderful time and enjoy the many events/ seminars we have scheduled for you. Please have a safe journey to and from our event. If at anytime during your stay with us you might need our assistance please contact one of our many staff members. If they are unable to assist you, they will be glad to contact the Rally Chairperson or myself so that we might be able to help you. Be safe, have fun and please abide by Camp Blanding’s policies and rules. We are guests here, just like you, and would like to keep our event on their base. Please visit Camp Blanding’s website ( for more information.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Once you have recuperated from the Winter Rally, I would like to ask each and everyone of you to look at your calendars and schedules. Do you have some free time? Are you interested in attending one or more of our upcoming events? Do you have ideas and suggestions you want to share? Do you see areas where we as an organization can improve? If so, I AM LOOKING FOR YOU! Please contact me, so we can get you on one of our wonderful committees.

To keep abreast of what is happening at BMWNEF please review our official website. We will be posting upcoming events on the calendar and making revisions when changes occur. If members have relevant information to add please contact either the President (, Vice President (vice- or one of the Committee Chairpersons for which your event falls under. Provide all pertinent information regarding the event you would like to see added. Make sure to include your name and contact information in case we have additional questions.