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TWO Suches, 9/20-23, Immediate Action Required

Dear Members:

The weekend of September 20-23 is our annual ride to TWO Suches.

Today I was informed that they have 1 or 2 cabins which are reserved for BMWNEF members.

If you were wanting a cabin this is your chance, DO NOT DELAY, TWO will release the remaining cabins to the general public on Monday.

Contact JENNY, DIRECTLY at 706-973-1671.

DO NOT try to book online, their systems will show no vacancy

Time is wasting, do not delay.

Campfire dinner on Friday night and Club provided dinner on Saturday.

Ride safely,


BMWMOA Platinum Tire Program..UPDATE

Dear Members:

At the recent Monthly meeting, Sunday, August 4, 2018, I spoke of my tale of woes regarding my riding trip to Alaska.

I experienced un-repairable tire damage and took my GS to the Grand Junction BMW dealer for a replacement tire.  The service manager called the BMWMOA Platinum 800 number for authorization to replace the tire.

This was my first experience with the tire program; from what I could remember about its provisions, I was expecting a $250 credit toward the replacement of the damage tire.  The service manager was told, by an uninformed telephone agent the credit was for 4-$50 credits toward new tires. THIS WAS INCORRECT!  

I paid the bill and told the service manager I’d contact BMWMOA for clarification.  Below are the main benefits of the program:

$250 toward replacement of a un-repairable tire, 2 tires per year.

100 Miles towing

This plan covers 3 motorcycles

I have filed a claim with the plan providers and expect to receive my payment in 10 days +/-.

Why the service manager was told the incorrect information we do not know.

If you plan to ride locally or long distance, get this program.  Here’s the link for the fine print:

P.S. I’m on my way back to Alaska to ride in the Club’s tour event.

Ride safely,



The Passing of Jim Niemi

Dear Members:

BMWNEF is saddened to inform the membership of the passing of long time club member Jim Niemi.

Jim was married to Vicki Decker. Jim and Vicki have, for many years, supported the club, participated in many club activities and provided the club with innumerable hours of volunteer service.

Jim was a patriot, husband, father and friend. We shall miss him greatly.

President’s Letter

By BMWNEF President Jim Quinn

I am often remiss in thanking the many, many individual volunteers that make BMWNEF a great social club.

One of those many selfless volunteers is Marina Alley.

Marina has served BMWNEF as membership director, as a key Winter Rally volunteer, has serves for many years on the Executive Committee and has held key positions, including multiple years as Chairman, of Riding Into History.

Marina is stepping away from Riding Into History and will be sorely missed.

Under her watchful eye, Riding Into History got bigger and better. It has become more important to the vintage motorcycle community. Equally important, it serves to benefit the designated charity “K9’s for Warriors” and the veterans it serves.

BMWNEF is an important source of volunteers and financial support for Riding Into History. Marina has coordinated the volunteer effort between Riding Into History and BMWNEF and made sure that our club’s monetary contributions were well spent.

During my term as club president, Marina stands out as one of those key individuals that has volunteered for BMNWNEF in many different positions and has benefited our club in each one.

Many, many thanks to Marina Alley for her many years of service to Riding Into History and her continued service to BMWNEF.

Please remind me to say thank you more often in this letter and everywhere else we are.