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Angelo Patucca, IBA Bronze finisher

Angelo Patucca, IBA Bronze finisher

BMWNEF member Angelo Patucca was a Bronze finisher in the 2019 Iron Butt Rally. Angelo completed over 9,000 miles in the 11-day rally, and was the 7th most efficient rider. Angelo shared several stories, including his ride to a checkpoint on the top of a mountain and back. Twenty minutes after he left, the area was covered with rain and sleet, making it impassable for a motorcycle.

In contrast, winner Wendy Crockett covered over 13,000 miles in the 11-day event. She finished with over 10,000 points over second place, which is an unprecedented winning margin. She even changed her own tire on her motorcycle!

Angelo used a Garmin Diesel GPS as well as the BMW GPS for navigation. He also used Waze and Google Maps, which were very effective when phone service was available.

Angelo thanks BMW of Jacksonville for helping prep his motorcycle, and Foothills BMW in Denver for their help.


Safety Minute – Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is a threat to Florida and the eastern seaboard. I encourage you to do all you can to make sure your motorcycle(s) are safe and protected from rain, wind damage, falling trees and flooding. I have been through 2 floods and it’s a terrible experience. Fortunately, I did not have a motorcycle then.

If you live in a low-lying area, contact another BMWNEF member and ask if you can store your motorcycle in their garage. Many of us have room to store one or more motorcycle. I’m sure this is true since many of us are regularly in discussions with our spouses about the benefits of purchasing just one more motorcycle. We have room for you.

While you are finding ways to keep your motorcycle safe, be sure to consider your own situation. This probably isn’t your first hurricane, though it has the potential to be one of the worst to hit Florida. Take the precautions and make the preparations as need for you and your family. Use the time you have to respond, whether that means heading to a shelter, traveling inland, staying with friends or just stocking up on non-perishables.

If you are under a mandatory flood evacuation then find a place to stay. I am sure we have many members who would be a gracious host and provide a place for you to weather the storm Of course, this works best if you are a gracious guest and help the host in any way possible.

With the coastal areas evacuating, there may not be enough hotel rooms available, so consider contacting a friend or acquaintance first, or ask around, or use resources from the MOA and RA to find a nearby member.

We’re all in this together, and with a little help from our friends, we’ll endure this trial successfully.

Q3 Social Dinner

Q3 Social Dinner

by Bill Botkin

We had a great turn out for the 3rd quarter social dinner. Although the chief planner (me) was 20 minutes late, about 30 members and guests arrived around 6pm at the Sanddollar Restaurant on Heckscher for social hour followed by dinner. We’ve had functions before at Sanddollar and we’re pleased with the food and service. This time was no exception. Our wait staff were courteous and efficient.

Social dinners are a means to bring non- riding family and friends into our riding world and introduce them to the wide variety of members and interests.

Please consult the events calendar to keep up with future events. We’ll be headed to Suches in late September. Camping is still available and some cabins at an adjacent resort. We’ll have our chili cookout dinner Friday and a club provided dinner on Saturday night.

Ride safely,


The Iconic BMW R90S

Larry Meeker and I have fond memories of the R90S motorcycle. I thought it was about the coolest-looking motorcycle ever when it came out, and still appreciate the beauty of the machine. This era flourished with innovations in engineering, design and style. I also loved the look of the Suzuki GS1000S with the blue/white paint and similar quarter-fairing (copy of the R90S?). Then Honda came out with the CB750F in the original SOHC design, and later with the CB750Fand 900F using the 4-valve engine. Then the Suzuki GS1100E. But I digress…

Larry and I found several videos for you to review and relive great memories with the R90S.

One man’s R90S with 240,000 miles on it (not racing miles)

Forty Years of BMW R90S- All-Time Classic and Iconic Motorcycles

The R90S Was the BMW No One Expected—and It Saved the Company! (Robert Lutz!)

BMW R90S history


More BMW Boxer Cup News for Nate Kern

Wunderlich MOTORSPORT: Kern & Höfer share BoxerCup victories in Most

August 13, 2019

(PresseBox) ( Sinzig,19-08-13)

The fourth season station in the BMW Motorrad BoxerCup promoted by Wilbers marked the sixth and seventh races for the Wunderlich MOTORSPORT BMW R nineT Racer Christof “Fifty” Höfer # 73 and Nate “N8!” Kern # 12. Both were able to win one victory on the Czech piste of the Automotodrom Most.

In the first qualifying session on Friday evening, Kern immediately secured pole position on his new piste. In 1: 47.627 minutes, he stayed close to four tenths of a second ahead of his teammate and fiercest opponent “Fifty” Höfer.

A renewed exchange of blows in the second qualifying session on Saturday did not take place: due to the onset of rain, closed down the team did not take any unnecessary risks and waited for the race.

The first run on Saturday night took place on a drying track and at the start there were some critical wet spots on the track. While Höfer was playing safe as championship leader with rain tires, Kern saw his chance and attacked slicks. At the end of the American should win sovereign, Höfer brought his R nineT in fifth place finish.

The second race for the BoxerCup in Most was once again a classic from Wunderlich MOTORSPORT. Kern and Höfer fought their duel over the victory with the knife between their teeth – and it was decided at the end of a blink of an eye. Höfer won with 0.030 seconds ahead of Kern.

In the championship table has caught up on Höfer core, which is with 156 points in the account by 26 counters in front of the Americans. 100 points are still to be awarded at the last two season stations in Assen in the Netherlands and at the finale at the Hockenheimring.

Christof Höfer:
“It was a very nerve-racking weekend. It started on a solid Friday – I wanted to be a bit closer to Nate after the first qualifier, but he put in an extremely strong middle sector, which I could not fault. But I knew where to do my homework. Unfortunately, the Q2 was wet on Saturday and we decided as a team to drop that out. In the first race we had mixed conditions and unfortunately I put on the wrong tire – I almost crashed twice and then just carried the bike to the finish in order not to write a zero. On Sunday it was perfect conditions, hot weather – and Nate and I were hot with no end. And then we fought, very hard, but fair. It then went to 0, 03 out – the pendulum could well have been happy to beat in his direction. I thank everyone involved. Our little angel up there in the sky. My mother, my grandmother and everyone from home and the whole team in general, for the awesome work. I’m really touched right now. ”

Nate Kern:
“Absolutely fantastic weekend! I felt good on all days, had no jet lag and my batteries were pretty much 100 percent full. In the first free practice session, after just three laps, I immediately realized that this is a track for me. So I immediately overtook Fifty and focused on myself, not wanting to look at any bad habits he may have in mind from other days. Yesterday the victory, today we thought long and hard and I was ready. I think we changed the lead five or six times on twelve laps. I then stayed behind it and let him have a small lead. Then I attacked, did my homework. I knew I had to start clean the penultimate turn, to get a better drive on start-finish. But then I went into the rev limiter, just a few milliseconds – but that was two meters and that was the difference between us in the finish. ”

Frank Hoffmannn (
Team Manager Wunderlich MOTORSPORT): “With mixed conditions, Saturday was just a gamble that Nate had with his experience a bit better in his grasp and won sovereignly. Nevertheless, Fifty has done everything right and taken fifth again important points for the championship. On Sunday again the classic between the two: Actually, we should have gotten used to this season already, how close and hard it goes between the two, but this time it was so extremely close to the end – because it would have the other way round can go out. We are on a good way with both drivers in terms of the championship, but no preliminary decision has yet been made. Neither of the two must now allow themselves a mistake, because the competition has moved up. ”