BMWNEF members have been invited to participate in the Second Annual Concours Owners Group (COG) Sport-touring School. The event is taking place at JenningsGP on Saturday Feb 24th, 2018. This annual event is designed to be safe, educational and fun. The training is individual enough that newer riders can learn new skills, while seasoned riders can capitalize upon their existing skill-sets.

This track was designed with large safe runoffs. Void of cars, intersections, trees and guardrails you will be able to implement new concepts from the classroom with the safety of a purpose-built beginners track. You will be coached on the track where you will practice the theories taught in the classroom. This format enables practicing new concepts like trail braking, late apex cornering, and body positioning.

What this is: An advanced rider training course for those looking to learn more than public roadways can safely permit.

What this is not: Track/Racing School. While this does take place at a beginner’s racetrack, this is not race school and racing will not take place at this event.

Passing in Novice Group will only be permitted ‘on the outside’ in designated areas after a few sessions have taken place. The purpose in passing is to allow each rider to ride his own ride, not to compete with others. You have to slow down if you want to practice new concepts and make new skills. Skill comes first, speed comes later. Hence, you have to slow down if you want to learn to be fast. You must learn to walk before you run.

Who should attend: If you have more fun in the turns than you do on the straights….If you get a thrill out of carving the corners….If you get that Zen feeling when you’ve mastered your favorite road… If you get excited by cornering with precisely anticipated brake use….or if you have ever scared yourself while braking mid-corner… Then this event is for you.

There will be three designated groups. Novice is for those who missed out on this event in ‘17. Intermediate is for those seasoned track guys (you know who you are), and there is an Expert group. Lets just say the latter need no help and will be passing each other anywhere there is an inch of tarmac, or grass. We know who you are too 🙂 There will be rider coaches in Novice and Intermediate. They are there to help you and love what they do. They are all seasoned and have mastered the concepts you will be practicing in this controlled and welcoming environment. We have been approved for a discounted rate of….wait for it….$132.50/rider for the first 10 riders who sign up. Yes, that’s cheaper than a regular track day, and cheaper than last year. I just can’t stop saying WOW. After the first then the prices will be $150/rider

Requirements: Riders who wish to join us should email or call 407-791-1543.

It will be assumed you are in novice group unless you speak with me personally. Trust me there’s no shame in being in Novice. You will get the most help here and no questions are considered stupid. This is where we all start.

Gear: Full-face helmets are mandatory. Modular helmets are not permitted. Leather suits/gloves/boots are mandatory and available for rental at the Track Shop for $60/$10/$20. There will be plenty of gear in every size for us the day of the event. Last year Carlyson and Rico were able to help out with extra suits. I too have an extra for someone this year.

Bike: Your tires should be 75% new. All glass and lights will be covered with blue painters tape (available at Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon/Ebay) and there must be no leaks. Your usual ride makes the best trainer. Something with poor ground clearance however does not.

Camping/Lodging: Camping for the weekend is included with your gate price of only $10 payable when you get there. Not breaking the bank here…. We plan to have a modest fire in the evenings. What better than camping with a fire with your bike and friends at the track you’re riding? The track gates lock each night at 9:45pm sharp. If you get there at 9:46 you will be delighted by the Jennings discounted rate at Days Inn, Lake Park, GA just 5 exits away. RV’ers will have hookups on the great lawn and there are indoor bathrooms/showers that are open 24hrs. There will be a professional photographer at the track who will have track photos of you available for purchase at the end of the day. We also have food concessions for breakfast and lunch available and Dennis makes a great burger. His prices are reasonable. You may also bring your own snacks/meals/BBQ/portable kitchen (Roman). 1 gallon of drinking water/rider/day is recommended.

If you missed out on the past COG Sport-touring school event you can check out the YouTube video of it here:  In our usual fashion, the camaraderie is as much fun as the event itself.

You should get to the track Friday evening, Feb 23 early enough to set up your bike/pit/camping area. Riders meeting is Saturday morning Feb 24th at 8:30am. First group will be in class at 9am, followed by track time. Each hour will consist of a 20 minute debriefing in pit row, followed by 20 minutes in class, then 20 minutes on track. You will have 7 debriefings, 7 class sessions, and 7 track sessions. Trust me, you will get a workout mentally and physically. Come with a clear head and be prepared to be enlightened.

A group usually goes to Rodeo Mexican Restaurant at Exit 5, Lake Park Saturday evening. Their prices are low and the food is excellent, especially after a long track day.

Location: Jennings GP 4960 NW Co Rd 152, Jennings, FL 32053 (Last exit in North FL)

If you ‘go where you look’ and and ‘turning your head turns the bike,’ imagine what your shoulders and hips can do….