Hurricane Dorian is a threat to Florida and the eastern seaboard. I encourage you to do all you can to make sure your motorcycle(s) are safe and protected from rain, wind damage, falling trees and flooding. I have been through 2 floods and it’s a terrible experience. Fortunately, I did not have a motorcycle then.

If you live in a low-lying area, contact another BMWNEF member and ask if you can store your motorcycle in their garage. Many of us have room to store one or more motorcycle. I’m sure this is true since many of us are regularly in discussions with our spouses about the benefits of purchasing just one more motorcycle. We have room for you.

While you are finding ways to keep your motorcycle safe, be sure to consider your own situation. This probably isn’t your first hurricane, though it has the potential to be one of the worst to hit Florida. Take the precautions and make the preparations as need for you and your family. Use the time you have to respond, whether that means heading to a shelter, traveling inland, staying with friends or just stocking up on non-perishables.

If you are under a mandatory flood evacuation then find a place to stay. I am sure we have many members who would be a gracious host and provide a place for you to weather the storm Of course, this works best if you are a gracious guest and help the host in any way possible.

With the coastal areas evacuating, there may not be enough hotel rooms available, so consider contacting a friend or acquaintance first, or ask around, or use resources from the MOA and RA to find a nearby member.

We’re all in this together, and with a little help from our friends, we’ll endure this trial successfully.