By BMWNEF President Jim Quinn

I am often remiss in thanking the many, many individual volunteers that make BMWNEF a great social club.

One of those many selfless volunteers is Marina Alley.

Marina has served BMWNEF as membership director, as a key Winter Rally volunteer, has serves for many years on the Executive Committee and has held key positions, including multiple years as Chairman, of Riding Into History.

Marina is stepping away from Riding Into History and will be sorely missed.

Under her watchful eye, Riding Into History got bigger and better. It has become more important to the vintage motorcycle community. Equally important, it serves to benefit the designated charity “K9’s for Warriors” and the veterans it serves.

BMWNEF is an important source of volunteers and financial support for Riding Into History. Marina has coordinated the volunteer effort between Riding Into History and BMWNEF and made sure that our club’s monetary contributions were well spent.

During my term as club president, Marina stands out as one of those key individuals that has volunteered for BMNWNEF in many different positions and has benefited our club in each one.

Many, many thanks to Marina Alley for her many years of service to Riding Into History and her continued service to BMWNEF.

Please remind me to say thank you more often in this letter and everywhere else we are.