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2019 Winter Rally Camper’s Insight!

The Price you Pay for a Good Time

For those of you that attended this year’s BMW Winter Rally at Camp Blanding, you know what a great time was had by all. The hosts and volunteers pulled off an excellent weekend of events, seminars, displays and excitement.

Everything was perfect. From the dinners, location and even the weather. Last year, we camped next to the lake with the wind coming off the water to remind us of just how cold 28 degrees can be in a tent. Ah, but not this year. Perfect mid 70s during the day and mid 40s at night.

I do have one question for the attendees. Who bragged on the weather Saturday night after dinner? It had to be someone boasting how perfect life is while camping with your bike in ‘Perfect Weather’. I’ll go on record now that it wasn’t me.

A little after 9pm on Saturday night, Tlaloc – the Supreme God of Rain, heard the boasting of mere mortal BMW bikers and sent a reminder to those camped on Lake Kingsley that he was not a God to be taken for granted. He started his evening festivities with a light sprinkling of a fine vintage raindrops just to give everyone time to arrive in their tents and stow their gear. Once he saw all were safe and secure, he sent in his first volley of a heavier bomblets. These were large enough to get the camper in a standard Walmart Tent wondering if an animal such as a rabbit or raccoon had creeped out of the woods and was knocking on the side of the tent asking for shelter.

This did not last long. Tlaloc had a brew of rain that he had been saving for a special occasion. And this was just that occasion. He had mastered the fine art of adding lead to the raindrops. A lesson he had learned from George Ravenscroft, inventor of lead crystal glass while touring London in 1673. Say good- bye to the Walmart tent for it is no match for leaded rain. Campers no longer had visions of rabbits or raccoons tapping on the tent walls. These were bears and panthers slashing at the tent. They were mad too. Probably hadn’t eaten in days and needed fresh meat. This rain lasted for over an hour and as quickly as it came, it was gone. The clouds even separated for a while so Tlaloc could use the moonlight to see what havoc he had caused. To his dismay, he saw the campers out walking around the campsites. There was talk and laughter about Florida weather. Someone was saying, “if you don’t like the weather, hang around a while, it will change.”

Tlaloc was furious. This would just not due. How dare they laugh at his handy work. Enough was enough. Time to get serious and show these bikers who was boss. The clouds quickly came back. There was no warning drizzle to start the next onslaught. This was all out war. At 1:15, Tlaloc brought out his worse. Raindrops were no longer round. These drops carried spiked edges and serrated hooks to rip through tents like Philip Mule attacking Saturday night’s steak dinner. These did not just drop from the sky. No, these were shot out of the cannons at the entrance of Camp Blanding at full velocity. They hit the tents with such furry, dirt embedded from years of trail riding jumped off the tent fabric and sailed across to the other side of the tent. Fiberglass poles strained against the wind with all the strength they could muster. But the tents would not fail.

Tlaloc started sending volleys of lightening at the campers. I saw the skeleton of the camper next to me. Still asleep in his cot. Minutes turned into hours and the onslaught continued. But still the bikers stayed in place. Battened down for the duration.

Morning came. Tlaloc was exhausted. He could give no more. His special supplies of evil raindrops completely spent. It would take months to resupply his stocks. As dawn broke and the day’s first light touched down on the campsites and seeing no lost souls or destroyed campsites, Tlaloc finally realize the error of his ways. These were not ordinary bikers. No, these were Beemers. The safest and most prepared of all riders. Completely defeated, the God or Rain” hung his head in shame. His only redeeming thought was Daytona Bike week was only weeks away and it was always fun testing the skills of the less prepared.

People, bikes, camping, food, seminars and even weather make the best stories to remember the Winter Rallies. Can’t wait to see what is to come.

Ride on…

Author would like to remain un-named in case Tlaloc (pictured below) might read this.

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BMWNEF President’s Letter

I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who made BMWNEF’s 2019 Winter Rally a wonderful and enjoyable event. First to all our attendees. Without your patronage, friendship, support, and talent to entertain, our event would not have been a success. Second to the world’s toughest campers. I was amazed to see so many of you who stuck it out Saturday night. We thank you for your courage and fortitude in overcoming those torrential downpours and guesting winds. I am looking forward to hearing some of your stories from that night in the weeks and months to come. Hint, we do have a newsletter if you would like to share your experience.

To all the vendors for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend our Winter Rally. Each and every one of you provided our attendees and members with some great information regarding your products and services. Personally, I gained a wealth of information speaking with many of you. Some of you had the chance to show case your services through your exciting and educational seminars. Thank you for doing these seminars. Sorry I could not attend all of them, but I did notice the First Lady (Deborah) popping in on some while I was working registrations. A special thanks goes out to Sky-Med and Allstate for their generous donations in sponsoring our evening meals. We hope to see many, if not all, of you again next year.

To the Commanding Officer, Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, for allowing us to use your wonderful facilities and providing us with some exceptional support personnel. We are very grateful for the privilege of being able to hold our annual event at Camp Blanding. I did enjoy seeing our updated lodging accommodations and my wife’s reaction to her first experience with Reveille. 

With sincere and profound acknowledgement of all their dedication and hard work, I would like to thank all the wonderful and exceptional volunteers who supported our 2019 Winter Rally. It is these amazing women and men who make our event a success year after year. I cannot express my thanks enough for all that they do. The countless days and hours they pour into getting this event off the ground. Working to get our equipment and supplies from one location to another. Cleaning, organizing, assembling, adapting to last minute changes. Each and every one of them are truly the backbone of our events. They arrive before us, leave after us and spend many of their hours behind the scenes working. Esprit de Corps, Semper Fidelis, Semper Paratus are just some of the words you could use to describe these fine ladies and gentlemen. My hats off to each and every one of you.

BMWNEF President’s Letter

I would like to take this opportunity to give recognition and our sincere gratitude to Philos Enterprises, Inc for their generous donation ($20,000) to K9 For Warriors. Making the donation on behalf of Philos Enterprises, Inc. was James Quinn and receiving on behalf of K9 For Warriors was Riding Into History chairman Bill Peterson. These wonderful organizations go to great lengths to help our service members. It is through their hard work, support and donations to the K9 For Warriors program that many service members are able to get the help, support and training they need. I want to thank each and every member of these wonderful organizations, including our own BMWNEF members, for making life easier for these service members. God Bless each and everyone of you, and all our service members.

As many of you are reading this you will be packing, making last minute updates, going through your check lists, or whatever other ritual you might have, to get ready for our 36th Annual Winter Rally. To Bill Botkin, our Rally Committee, the countless volunteers and many supporters, I cannot thank you enough for putting this amazing event together. Ladies and gentlemen, you are awesome!

Many thanks to all those motorcycle enthusiasts who have registered for our Winter Rally. I hope you will have a wonderful time and enjoy the many events/ seminars we have scheduled for you. Please have a safe journey to and from our event. If at anytime during your stay with us you might need our assistance please contact one of our many staff members. If they are unable to assist you, they will be glad to contact the Rally Chairperson or myself so that we might be able to help you. Be safe, have fun and please abide by Camp Blanding’s policies and rules. We are guests here, just like you, and would like to keep our event on their base. Please visit Camp Blanding’s website ( for more information.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Once you have recuperated from the Winter Rally, I would like to ask each and everyone of you to look at your calendars and schedules. Do you have some free time? Are you interested in attending one or more of our upcoming events? Do you have ideas and suggestions you want to share? Do you see areas where we as an organization can improve? If so, I AM LOOKING FOR YOU! Please contact me, so we can get you on one of our wonderful committees.

To keep abreast of what is happening at BMWNEF please review our official website. We will be posting upcoming events on the calendar and making revisions when changes occur. If members have relevant information to add please contact either the President (, Vice President (vice- or one of the Committee Chairpersons for which your event falls under. Provide all pertinent information regarding the event you would like to see added. Make sure to include your name and contact information in case we have additional questions.

2019 Winter Rally  Help Needed!!

2019 Winter Rally Help Needed!!

Dear Members:

I need assistance in 2 matters, thanks in advance if you can help.

Item 1: It’s a Friday evening meal tradition for members to bring a hand-held dessert snack to the rally.  So, if you’re attending and can do so safely, please bring cookies, cupcakes, brownies, some treat that can be eaten by hand.  No big cakes or pies please.

Item 2: The Club’s computer projector is MIA. (Missing in Action).  If you know where it might be please contact me immediately.  Someone may have picked it up while helping clean up.

We need it for the rally.,


Thanks,  Bill