President’s Letter 2019-06-30

President’s Letter 2019-06-30

     BMWNEF would like to send our prayers and condolences to the families, friends, club members and Marine Corp family of all those involved in the horrific accident in New Hampshire. I would like to ask that we all take a moment to remember our fellow fallen riders and veterans.

It has been a busy month locally and nationally for BMWNEF members. Starting with our June picnic, mid-month ride and summer solstice ride locally. Then the BMW MOA Rally nationally. There were plenty of other events going on this month at our local BMW dealers. More information on these events can be found on their websites. Motocross fans got to relish the arrival of the Lucas Oil Pro National Amateur Racing to Jacksonville, Florida. If one of our members would like to write about their experiences at anyone of these events we would love to hear from you.

BMWNEF started the month with our club picnic at Camp Chowenwaw in Clay County. The weather was wonderful, especially during the morning hours. We escaped without the deluge of afternoon spring rains, thankfully. Turnout was around 50 plus members. I want th thank Jeanette and Larry Meeker, Jim Beyerl, Bruce Cockcroft and several other club members for all their support and efforts in getting the event going.

Jeanette took the reins in getting the venue for us. She was quick in resolving a slight key issue. Thus ensuring we were able to open the doors early to set up for our event. She really shined in prepping the kitchen areas. Getting it ready for the loads of food our wonderful members prepared. While Jeanette was working her magic in the kitchen, Larry and several other members were busy setting up the tables, chairs and table cloths. Once we had the inside set up Larry took off to set out the signs directing our members to the cabin.

Jim Beyerl was instrumental in keeping our members and other camp goers directed to the proper parking areas. Bruce Cockcroft did a great job in helping where needed and arranging and picking up our food from Woody’s. I know I missed many others who assisted in this event. To all those volunteers, my sincere thanks.

Recap of our monthly meeting for those who could not attend.

1 – Bill Botkin, Vicki Decker and Jim Allen have graciously agreed to undertake their Winter Rally roles for one more year. Bill as Chair, Vicki with housing and Jim with food prep. Bill made it clear that this would be his, Vicki’s and Jim’s last year in these roles. He highly encouraged members to step up and take on one of these positions. It was also suggested to have those interested shadow the current role leaders.

Philip Mulé stepped up to shadow Vicki Decker as Rally Housing and take on the role for the 2021 Rally.

Pedro Afable stepped up to shadow Bill Botkin as Rally Chairperson and take on the role for the 2021 Rally.

This leaves one more role to fill, Rally Food Prep. Anyone interested should contact Bill Botkin.

2- Members were informed of the upcoming transition to a new website administered by Clubxpress. Dates for full transition are still pending but efforts are underway to have the site fully operational prior to September. This transition should help alleviate many of the chores our Membership Chair, Vicki Decker, has had to deal with the past few years. The new websites will also improve our members experience. Allowing members to personally control their inputted profiles. There will be many changes and different approaches using this new platform. It is highly suggested that members take a look at Clubxpress’s website and look at the training video on how to update your profile. See attached link One of the best parts of the system is if members have problems with their accounts they contact Clubxpress directly.

I must personally and professionally thank Cindy McLean for her hard work, support and countless assistance with our current website and Facebook account. I cannot tell you all the phone calls and e-mails she had to answer from Bruce and I. Not to mention all the behind the scenes work in getting our site ready each and every year for the Winter Rally. We couldn’t have gotten this far without her continued professional and personal support. Cindy, thank you so very much for everything you have done for our organization.

3- Elections are right around the corner. Members interested in becoming a club officer, executive committee member or committee chairperson should reach out to either the Vice-President, Bruce, or I. We will add your names to the slate of selectees for nomination. If you know of a club member who might be interested please let us know as well.

With the heat of summer already beating down on us, many riders have taken to earlier rides. Some mornings have been better than others. All still require the same attention to keeping yourself hydrated during your ride. Be safe and ride smart.

My sincerest thanks to all our club members who actively participate and volunteer at our events.

Philip Mulé

President – BMWNEF.




SkyMed Free Insurance Presentation

SkyMed Free Insurance Presentation

SkyMed representative Taylor Paloscio will be holding two free insurance presentations this Saturday, April 6th. Both presentations will be held at BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville, The first presentation will start around 10:00 am, the second around 12:00 pm.

These presentations are open to club members and the public. Did you ever wondered how much it would cost if you needed to use one of those life flight services? Ever think of what would happen if you ever got really sick on vacation and needed to get home or to a hospital in the United States? What would happen to your car, RV or motorcycle if you had to leave it behind. Come by and sit in on one of Taylor’s presentations. She will answer these and many more questions you might have.

.SkyMed BMW Taylor ad


BMWNEF President’s Letter



Thanks goes out to all those who organized and attended our Sweetheart Ride & Dinner Cruise. Speaking for Deborah and myself, we had a very nice experience. We both would put this on the list of things to do again. Especially if the weather is warmer. 

As always the best part is socializing and catching up with our friends, members and guests. We had the chance to meet with some new members and are very grateful they could attend this wonderful event. Looking forward to seeing them again at some of our upcoming events.

I have to admit Bruce and I seem to be learning new things each event. I believe by the time I take over as Past President I might have a handle on things. We did receive some wonderful feedback and will strive to make those adjustments. This was our first experience with this Dinner Cruise and I will remember to ensure they give me the Webster’s English Dictionary definitions of boarding together verses arriving together next time.

I did read the reviews of the dinners they served prior to booking this event. I was kind of surprised at how well many of the reviews were. Well, I am a believer now. The food was quite good. Suggestion, do not sit under a vent if you want your food to stay warm. All in all, I think everyone had an enjoyable time. Please e-mail me any suggestions, comments, and thoughts on this event. As always if you have a story or write-up you would like to share please send them to our Newsletter Chairperson or myself.

I would like to mention some upcoming events. 

Our April monthly meeting will be held at BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville and not at the Fleet Reserve. We are working on providing lunch for our members and their guests. Taylor from Sky-Med will be giving a presentation before and after our meeting. I have to admit the information she presented at the Winter Rally was an eye opener.

Our Club Picnic will be in June this year at Camp Chowenwaw We are looking for volunteers and suggestions on what to do for lunch at this event. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to our Social Committee Chairperson or to the Vice-President. 

Please look at our club’s website and our events calendar for more information about these and other events.