BMW Motorcycle Owners of Northeast Florida

About the Members

BMWNEF is a social club with the purpose of fostering the enjoyment of BMW motorcycles and motorcycling in general.  We all enjoy the view of our wonderful country over the handlebars of a fine motorcycle. Our ride leaders do an outstanding job of scouting exciting, scenic ride routes, with stops for meals at select restaurants.

We do like to look out for one another!  So, we do require that all riders and passengers on a club ride/event are wearing a DOT approved helmet and are encouraged to wear protective riding gear.

We Love To Ride

Of course, riding is what we do best! To keep us on our toes, our club coordinates a variety of riding and training events. Additionally, we have tech days, where our mechanically inclined members show the uninitiated how to do regular maintenance on our bikes to keep them in top condition.

Events Calendar

Our History

The BMWNEF motorcycle club was started in  1974.  In 2008, the club celebrated their twenty-fifth rally. Affiliated with both major North American BMW motorcycle organizations, we are club number 42 with BMWMOA and club number 41 with BMWRA. The passion of the great BMW motorcycle brings us together, but you needn’t own one to be part of our club. While the BMW “Motorcycle Experience” is the core fiber of our club, all motorcyclists are welcome!

Benefits of Membership

Your membership provides a subscription to The Shop Rag, your  BMWNEF name-tag, membership card and a logo decal for your bike. Thus armed, you will be able to take part in all of our events, from the Summer Picnic, numerous training opportunities, and the Holiday Party in December.

In addition to great camaraderie, with membership you are included in activities and special offers from our local BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville dealer.  As a club member, you will be provided opportunities for different types of motorcycle training.

BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville

Million Mile Club Challenge


In 2015 we almost made 1 million miles. We reached over 800K miles! Now that we have a system that works for recording your miles, we should have no problem reaching our goal! Please send your starting odometer for 2017 and send an update each month or quarter. We will update the incoming miles each month and show off who are the top three riders for both male and females. At the end of the year, we will celebrate the total and congratulate the dedicated contributors. Please use the Report Mileage button below or send them to Marina Alley. You may report mileage for more than one motorcycle.

Mileage Summary Report Mileage